Monday, April 22, 2013

CAKE 2013

whoa, it's been awhile since we've posted here....

Anyway, MORTVILLE has a table at CAKE (Chicago Alternative Komics Expo) this year!! And we have some great work from MORTVILLE alum! If you're interested in buying some MORTVILLE comic's or merch before the expo, check out our etsy shop:

on to our exhibitors!! (PICTURES ADDED SOON, check back.....)

Fred J. Henzel
Fred was apart of many installations in mortville, starting with the GPK (garbage pail kids) sprayed ray, Events in History's Moon Landing, and a mural of the greek god Dionysus. Previously, Fred did many of the mural's in the other weirdo zone The Mopery.  Into repurposing stock photography, and making visual jokes on the state of the world today. He'll be debuting a comic at the MORTVILLE table! You can check out what he's up to at his website:

Sandy Nutts

Sandy was half of the team that built pagan megan, and the trippy house on the roof (pictures to come).  You can see her around town at crazy parties in diamonds and spandex. She has a tumblr, check it out:

The Nierman Siblings
Specializing in dick drawings, the Nierman siblings have perfected their craft in detention's, call center jobs, and stripping. Debuting their second comic, it is not to be missed. 

If you've been to MORTVILLE, you've most likely seen the writing on the wall such as "tupac + biggie = love".  An awesome drawer, and honest man, goldteeth will come to cake prepared with drawings to trade, or whatever!! Check out his tumblr:

Sara Heymann
One of the founders of MORTVILLE. Has taken part in every installation in MORTVILLE, which is too many to list here. She has self published multiple comics re-telling the Raymond Carver short story collection Will you Please be Quiet, Please, along with a story of her childhood in the woods titled LOTHAR.  She'll be debuting her new series RORSCHACH COMICS at CAKE!  If you're interested in her installation/set design work, Check it out here:
she also has an etsy: 

Blaze Roach
Another original founder of MORTVILLE, has also taken part in every installation.  He is also computer-illiterate so there is no website containing all of his master works!! A painter, leather specialist, and tattoo artist. Has previously self published The Jiggy Jiggy Boys, which you can find on the MORTVILLE etsy. 

Thanks for stopping by!! And we hope to see you at CAKE!! bring something to trade (doesn't have to be comics......) ;)